US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia
A Better Brain: The Ethics of Neuro-Enhancement (2007)

From their very beginning, the Fred Friendly Seminars have attracted distinguished leaders, diverse thinkers and frontline experts like those pictured above to serve as program panelists.

The panelists become actors in an improvised drama, called upon to bring their professional expertise as well as their human reactions to the hypothetical scenario. In casting each program, the production team is careful to ensure that a range of viewpoints are represented, and to craft the hypothetical so as to enable common areas of understanding to emerge.

Confronted with the need for concrete decisions and actions, panelists must put their talking points aside as they struggle with issues that often have no one, "right" answer. Many panelists have commented that they find the experience to be a unique combination of entertainment, intellectual stimulation and mind-opening interaction. Read More