Athletics and Academics; An Uneasy Alliance
From the 6-part series The Other Side of the News (1988)
Fred Friendly , Broadcast Journalist, Professor Columbia Graduate School of Journalism

Marrily Dean Baker; Assistant Executive Director, NCAA
Margarate Bridwell, M.D.; Director, Health Center, University of Maryland
James Brown; Commentator, CBS Sports
Wade Houston; Head Basketball Coach, University of Tennessee
Eamon Kelly; President, Tulane University
Petrina Long; Assistant Athletic Director, Columbia University
Tom McMillan; U.S. Congressman; NBA Player 1974-86
Eleanor Holmes Norton; Professor of Law, Georgetown University
Joe Paterno; Head Football Coach, Penn. State University
Hunter Rawlings III; President, Iowa University
Steve Robinson; Senior Editor, Sports Illustrated
Sam Rutgliano; Head Football Coach, Liberty University