Ethics in America II
A 6-part series (2007)

Think of the toughest decisions you-or your family, or your business, or even the nation-have ever faced. Chances are some of these decisions, or ones very much like them, are portrayed in this 6-part series that explores the tough choices one can face in medicine, journalism, judiciary, science, business and personal ethics. The programs provide compelling, stimulating experiences that involve contemporary issues and events roiling American society. Leading scientists, journalists, physicians, jurists, ethicists, businesspeople, and politicians, among others, are brought together to grapple with ethical dilemmas including situations that deal with life and death; security and liberty; friendship, truth-telling, democracy and justice; and secret-keeping.

Three Farewells: Medicine and the End of Life
War Stories: National Security and the News
My Brother's Keeper (Personal Ethics)
Choosing Justice: Elections and Judicial Independence
A Better Brain: The Ethics of Neuro-Enhancement
Risk, Reward, Responsibility: Ethics in Business