A Matter of Intelligence
From the 3-part series The Military and the News Media (1984)
Charles R. Nesson , Professor, Harvard Law School

Floyd Abrams, Attorney for the News Media
W.M. Matthew Byrne, Jr., Judge, U.S. District Court, 9th Circuit
Antonia Chayes, Under Secretary, USAF 1977-81
William S. Cohen, Senator; Member, Armed Services Committee
William E. Colby, Director, CIA 1973-6
Les Daly, Vice President, Public Affairs, Northrop Corporation
Meg Greenfield, Editorial Page Editor, The Washington Post
General Alexander Haig, Secretary of State 1981-2
Fred Hiatt, National Staff Writer, The Washington Post
Fred C. Ikle, Undersecretary of Defense
Bill Kovach, Washington Editor, The New York Times
Mark Lynch, Staff Counsel, American Civil Liberties Union
Charles Madigan, Washington Bureau, Chicago Tribune
Jack Nelson, Washington Bureau Chief, Los Angeles Times
Dina Rasor, Director, Project on Military Procurement
Jonathan Rose, Former Assistant Attorney General 1981-3
Thomas B. Ross, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs 1977-81
Van Gordon Sauter, Executive Vice President, CBS Broadcast Group
Antonin Scalia, Justice, U.S. Supreme Court
Benjamin Schemner, Editor, Armed Forces Journal
James R. Schlesinger, Secretary of Defense 1973-5; Director, CIA 1973
Daniel Schorr, Senior Correspondent, Cable News Network
James Squire, Executive Vice President and Editor, Chicago Tribune