A Question of Access
From the 3-part series The Military and the News Media (1984)
Benno C. Schmidt, Jr., Professor, Columbia Law School

Harold Evans, Editorial Director, U.S. News & World Report
John Chancellor, Senior Correspondent, NBC News
Karen DeYoung, Foreign Editor, Washington Post
Harry T. Edwards, Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit
Jerry W. Freidham, Executive Vice President, American Newspaper Publishers Association
General Andrew J. Goodpaster, Supreme Allied Commander, Europe 1969-74
General Alexander Haig, Jr., Secretary of State 1981-2
General David C. Jones, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff 1978-82
Charles Lewis, Washington Bureau Chief, The Associated Press
Charles Mohr, Correspondent, New York Times
Victor Navatsky, Editor in Chief, The Nation
Paul Nussbaum, Staff Writer, Philadelphia Inquirer
Jody Powell, Press Secretary to President Carter 1977-81
Morley Safer, Co-Editor, 60 Minutes, CBS News
Richard Salant, Former President, CBS News
Sydney Schanberg, Columnist, New York Times
James R. Schlesinger, Secretary of Defense 1973-5; Director, CIA 1973
Rear Admiral James E. Service, President, Naval War College
Maj. Gen. Winant Sidle, U.S. Army, Retired; Chairman, JCS Military Relations Panel
Lt. Gen. Brent Snowcroft, Assistant to President for National Security 1975-7
Jane Wallace, Correspondent, CBS News