Reworking the American Dream
From the 3-part series Profits and Promises (1994)

Downsizing, lay-offs, restructuring -- by any name the reworking of major American corporations is shattering the careers of millions of workers and sending them into painful unemployment or re-employment in less profitable or less stable jobs. In this era of rapid global change and bottom line pressures, to whom does a corporation owe overall allegiance: its shareholders, its employees, or the community? How can corporations balance human concerns with business concerns as the pressures to compete intensify? This and other related topics are explored by a panel of prominent business and labor leaders including: Stanley C. Gault, Chairman and CEO of The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, David T. Kearns, former Chairman and CEO of Xerox Corporation, Robert C. Reich, Secretary of Labor, John G. Smale, Chairman of the Board of General Motors Corporation and Lynn Williams, International President of the United Steel Workers of America.

Funder: The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation