Allies and Extradition
From the 4-part series In the Face of Terrorism (1987)
Harold Evans , Journalist, former editor The Sunday Times, London

Jimmy Breslin, Columnist
Michael Davies, Editor & Publisher, The Hartford Courant
Thomas Eagleton, U.S. Senator, Missouri 1968-87
Edward Heath, Prime Minister, United Kingdom 1970-4
Mary Holland, Reporter, The Observer Ireland
Michael Kennedy, Attorney, NY
John F. Kerry, Senator, D-Massachusetts, Member Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Member Sub-Committee on East Asian and Pacific Affairs
John Laurence, Correspondent, ABC News
Sir Kenneth Newman, Commissioner of Police
Oliver Revell, Chief of Operations, FBI
Abraham D. Sofaer, Legal Adviser, Department of State
Victoria Toensing, Deputy Assistant, Attorney General, Department of Justice
Patricia Wald, Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit; Former Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs
William H. Webster, Director, FBI