The Presidency and the Constitution
A 7-part series (1987)

This series presents a distinguished group of national leaders as they wrestle with some of the most vital issues of our day. In each session, a skilled moderator leads panelists through a variety of hypothetical scenarios that closely parallel current events and force the participants to confront the type of agonizing decision making they face continually in their professional and public lives. The programs provide rare glimpses into behind the scenes discussions and decisions in the White House, at the State Department, in the Congress, in the courtroom, and in the newsroom. Panelists include former Presidents Gerald ford and Jimmy Carter; senators Al Gore, Orrin Hatch, Nancy Kassebaum and Paul Simon; former cabinet members Alexander Haig, Dean Rusk, and Robert McNamara; and journalists Dan Rather, Sam Donaldson and Bill Moyers.

Series Programs:
The Making of a Justice
Foreign Alliances and Misalliances, Part I
Foreign Alliances and Misalliances, Part II
The Budget Crunch
The Nuclear Balance of Terror, Part I
The Nuclear Balance of Terror, Part II
A Call for Repairs?